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The use of computers in today’s homes and small businesses is becoming increasingly complex.  Between high-speed internet connections, wireless networks, high-end games, large resource-hungry applications and many more, its easy to become lost with nowhere to turn for help. 


Oh sure, there are the large retail computer stores, overseas technical support teams, or the maze of internet support sites, but are they really that much help?  One requires you to completely dismantle your system to “bring it in”, the second will likely let you wait on hold for an eon, while the last can be simply frustrating trying to wade through the Internet looking for the right solution amongst all the bad advice. 


And of course there are all the other concerns in our wired world:  computer viruses and trojans, security holes and finding the updates to fix them, easily accessed “adult” sites, email spam, etc.


This is where SCF Computing L.L.C. comes to the rescue!  With over 14 consecutive years of experience in the computer industry, we offer our services to the home and small business customer.  However, unlike most of the competition, we employ an old-fashioned concept:  the House Call.  We will gladly come directly to your home or business and provide onsite consultation for many of your computer issues.  If you want an upgrade, let us give you a free quote.  If you are having a computer problem, let us deal with phone support or searching the net for answers.  Feel free to review our rates and services for more details.

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